Building Use Policy                                               

God has richly blessed Mount Tabor Church with beautiful facilities for its mission and purpose, which are to provide a place…

  • for the worship of God.

  • where people can learn to be Christ-followers and know his will for their lives.     

  • where the church can connect with the surrounding community.

  • to enjoy Christian fellowship with each other.


A full calendar of events occur in our space. To ensure that our spaces are properly cared for, and that scheduling conflicts are avoided we ask that any groups, or individuals who wish to use our space follow the guidelines below for reserving space:

  1. Groups are encouraged to continue to meet online or outdoors if possible, and choose the indoor option only if all participants in the group are comfortable with and agreeable to meeting indoors, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance. We trust that groups will insure that no one person would be excluded by moving a meeting indoors. 

  2. Check the calendar of events to see if space is available. 

  3. Review the Building Policy, On Campus Covenant, and Small Group Guidelines.

  4. For individuals or non-Mount Tabor UMC groups, complete page 16 of the Building Policy Use Manual. For MTUMC Ministries, the  complete the Church Ministry Use of Facilities Form agreeing to follow building policy and adhering to the On Campus Covenant.

  5. Email the completed form to Senior Church Administrator Libby Craven to be processed.