All volunteers must have completed a Criminal Background Check and Safe Sanctuaries Training.   More information here.

High School Hotspot General Information

The High School Hotspot is a safe space for students to come during virtual learning.

They will be given access to the guest Wi-Fi.


The Family Ministries team has partnered with Mount Tabor High School

in an effort to support students who may not have Wi-Fi or a safe place to participate in virtual learning.

All students who picked up devices from the school were provided information about the Hotspot.

We have also invited all of the high school students in our congregation.

We know that virtual learning can be stressful and make students feel isolated.

Our goal is to provide an environment where everyone feels supported, loved and successful.
We have 50 slots on our sign-ups. We REALLY want them to sign up in advance,

but we will do our best to accommodate everyone who walks through our door.

Our doors will open the first day of school, Monday, August 17th.

The Hotspot is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday* 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM.

(Wednesdays are called “Flex Wednesdays” for school and have no regularly scheduled class times.)

Our goal is to remain open as long as our high school students are doing virtual learning.

*Some week's schedule varies due to the high school schedule. 

Please visit the sign up link for students to confirm the schedule. 

We are using the Youth area of the church.

We currently have four classrooms and the Youth Commons set up with individual workspaces.

Each classroom can accommodate 10 students.
Volunteers will be stationed throughout the Hotspot spaces to ensure that students

do not go to other parts of the building and in accordance with the Safe Sanctuaries policy of the church.


Parking & Entrance
We are asking all students and volunteers to park in the upper parking lot.

All students and volunteers will enter the building by walking down the side driveway

through the doors to the Youth Commons.

(Please do not enter the building through the Church Offices or Welcome Center.)



As volunteers and students arrive, they will complete a health screening questionnaire and a temperature check.

On the first visit, students will be required to sign the Hotspot Covenant.

Everyone entering must be wearing a mask. We will have masks available for those who do not have one.
After students complete the health screening, they will choose their work space.

They will add their name card to the room map outside the classroom door.

Volunteers will be able to use this to get to know the students by name.  

We also must record this information for contact tracing.
We will use the spaces in the four classrooms first

and then if needed, we will have students use the spaces in the Youth Commons.


At this time, we only have the bell schedule for Mount Tabor High School.

By the time we start, we hope to have the schedules of other high schools.

We will have the schedules available.  Mount Tabor High School will have the first 45 minutes of each class period

where students are required to be logged on to a virtual space where they can interact with the teacher.

The second half of each class period will be time for students to work individually. 
We will try to keep the classrooms as a quieter workspace.

The Youth Commons is where students can go to get a snack, play games, or relax.


Snacks & Lunch
We are asking Church Members to donate snacks and students are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle.
We will have a large water cooler where students may refill water bottles.

We will also have paper cups available.
Students are encouraged to bring a lunch from home.
A volunteer will be monitoring the snacks. Students may be given one snack at a time.

We may need to limit the number of snacks per day.

However, we do not want any student to be hungry.

Volunteers should let the staff member working know if they see a student who may need additional food.
Students must be sitting while eating their snack or lunch.

In order to eat, they will need to remove their mask, therefore, they may not walk around eating.

They may eat food in any of the rooms or find a spot outside.


Technology & Power Supply
Students will be responsible for bringing their own device.

Students who need a device should check one out from their school.

Earbuds should be worn by our students.

We will have earbuds for students who do not have them.

We will ask students who “borrow” earbuds to return them to us when they leave.

We will place the earbuds in a sealed bag with their name on it.

This will save us from having to issue earbuds more than one time to the same student.
There will be several power strips per room.

Each power strip will accommodate 2 workstations.

Students should not remove the power strips from their location.

School Supplies
We will have basic school supplies available for students.

One of the volunteers will assist students with supplies.

Additional COVID Safety
As we begin the High School Hotspot we will continue to be in North Carolina’s Phase 2 of re-entry.

This means we need to limit 10 in each room.

This includes the Youth Commons.

We may find this challenging during breaks and at lunch but students must comply.
Only one student may sit at each workspace.

Furniture may not be moved in any of the rooms.
Masks must be worn by all students and volunteers.
After students leave, each workspace will be sanitized before another student will use that space.
A remind text will be set up to alert students and volunteers of any possible exposures.


Volunteer Responsibilities
Volunteers will be helping students through the check-in health screening process,

distribution of snacks and school supplies,

monitor students to ensure that students remain in designated spaces

and follow the covenant rules, and support students in any way needed. 
We may not be able to solve all of the problems that our students encounter,

but we will assist students in making the connection with the people who can help.

This could include tech support, free meals, counseling centers or tutors.

We will have an area with many resources.

We ask that all support given to students is communicated to Colleen Carr,

Associate Director of Children & Family Ministries. 

We will have volunteers stationed at different locations.

This is to ensure that all students remain in the designated areas

and do not go to other parts of our building. 
We encourage that students and volunteers remain vigilant with their personal items.

Anything of value should remain with them at all times.

Students should not leave computers unattended. 
All classroom doors will remain open.

All spaces that are not intended for student use will be locked.
Volunteers will use the individual restrooms on the adjacent hall.

The restrooms across from the elevator will be for students.

The High School Hotspot is closing effective March 12, 2021. We are blessed to have offered this ministry for 7 months to over 30 students!