• Marcey Davis

Devotional for December 10

We started looking for a small freezer and cannot find one to purchase anywhere. When we do see the sign that there is a small freezer available, we’ll check it out. If it is the one we are looking for, we’ll be a little like the wise men; we’ll shout joyfully!

We know there were at least two wise men who shouted joyfully, but there could have been many, many more. Three gifts were given, but as to the number of wise men who saw a new star in the sky and followed the star to find the new born king of the Jews, the Messiah, all we have documented in the Word is ‘they’ and ‘them.’

As we prepare for Christmas, we too can be shouting good tidings of great joy. How powerful a testimony our joy and confidence in the Lord will be as we celebrate the birth of Jesus during this dark, pandemic 2020 holiday season. Let’s all be wise men making the most of every opportunity in these evil (pandemic) days and win souls with our shouts of joy!

Ephesians 5:16, Proverbs 11:30

Written by Lisa & Mac Warren