• Mount Tabor UMC

Devotional for December 11

Matthew 2:1-11

As I was contemplating how to write a devotion (for the first time), I was having a hard time putting my thoughts to paper. After we read Matthew 2:1-11 together, I decided to ask my son what joy meant to him. His answer was this: “Being happy in God’s presence, as long as you live in God’s presence you will have joy.” Then I asked him what Christmas means to him, his answer: “Spending time with one another and celebrating the birth of the messiah, which brought joy and peace to the world, like the song Mom, ‘Joy to the World’!” Well there you have it! Note- if you are ever having difficulty putting thoughts into words, ask an eight-year-old!

The wisemen knew when they saw the star that it would take them to the new King. Can you imagine having enough faith to follow a star and knowing what an amazing sight it would be to see the newborn King? What joy they must have had when they came to that place where the new King lay in a manger! They were in the presence of the new Messiah. Their hearts were filled with amazing joy! They showered him with gifts and praised his name!

So, back to my son’s words: “Joy is being happy in God’s presence.” This advent season we challenge you to slow down and sit in God’s presence and let joy fill your heart like it did for the wisemen on that wonderful night! Praise his name and share that joy with the ones you love this advent season.

Written by James & Jessica Campbell