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Devotional for December 18

Long ago, there was a lady named Mary and she met an angel and the angel’s name was Gabriel. Gabriel said to Mary that she will have a baby. Mary was very surprised! Joseph was Mary’s boyfriend. Then, some time went by, and Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. Mary sat on a donkey because she had a baby in her stomach. Next, the baby was coming! So, Joseph looked at every inn but there was no room. And so the innkeeper offered a stable. So, Mary and Joseph went to the stable! There were three animals. There was a sheep, a cow and a horse. Mary gave birth to a baby boy! Then, Mary wrapped the baby in white cloth and placed him in a manger. Mary put a little hay in the manger so the baby wouldn’t hit his head.

There were a few shepherds that were in a field watching their sheep and then an angel rose before them. The angel said, “A savior has been born!” The shepherds went to see Mary’s baby.

Then, three wisemen came from far away to see Mary’s baby. They brought three fancy gifts. The gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Mary’s baby was named Jesus, and he is God’s son. When Jesus grew up, he taught people about God and did amazing miracles. Then, he died on the cross to save us from our sins. Now, Jesus lives in heaven with God, his father. Jesus is always talking to me even when I can’t hear it. I talk to him by praying. Jesus is my best friend!


A Mother’s Prayer at Christmas

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the good blessings you have provided for my family this year. Thank you for your provision, our good health and the love we share in our home. We are especially thankful this time of year because we are reminded of the ultimate Christmas gift, your Son, Jesus. Please help me remember this gift in all of my holiday preparations.

Lord, prepare my child’s heart to receive the true gift of Christmas. Help her to unselfishly honor you in all of our Christmas celebrations and to be a witness of Christ’s love in all she does, this time of year and always.

Devotion by Leah & Lindsay Heitman (con’t) - December 18

Lord, help my husband and I to honor our parents as we celebrate Christmas this year. Help us to remember the great sacrifices they made when we were young to teach us about Christ’s love and to make Christmas feel magical. Help us to treasure the time we have with our parents.

Lord, bless our extended families and friends this Christmas. Help us enjoy our time with those we get to celebrate with and remind us of those who are faraway. Help us to always remember your place at our tables.

Lord, bless those that are less fortunate than we are. Comfort those who are sick, poor, lonely, or otherwise suffering. And most especially, reveal yourself to those who do not know you.

Thank you for extending your grace to us during this stressful season. Forgive us for all the things that distract us from your will.

Be present for all of us this Christmas!

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Devotion written by Leah Heitman (age 8)

Prayer written by Lindsay Heitman