• Mount Tabor UMC

Devotional for December 2

Travel back in time with me and pretend you are a shepherd who sees the angels who tells them to go to Bethlehem and give praise to Baby Jesus who will become the savior of the world. What are your emotions?

Doubt, fear, skepticism?

No. Your emotions are excitement, honor, and HOPE. Finally there will be a leader to worship and promise HOPE for a better world, both here and in heaven if we surrender our will to HIS.

Today we are still hungry for that same HOPE. Suicide victims lost hope. Struggling drug addicts don't know how to stop. Hunger for the next meal is a journey of hope. Mental health challenges need us to tell them there is HOPE.

So when you get depressed or anxious about today's bizzarro world, pretend you are a shepherd and have your HOPE restored. Then share that with someone who is in the dark. Be their angel that proclaims the good news that Christ was born,died for our sins,and will come again.

Works for me. To God goes the glory.

Written by Lloyd Eichorn