• Mount Tabor UMC

Devotional for December 4

The Real Meaning of Christmas

When we were very young, hope appeared late in the year as time slowed and Christmas approached. In those days, hopes and wishes could challenge us to be on our best behavior and by Christmas afternoon the results were known. Did the hoped for toys arrive? Hope has always been a very important part of Christmas.

To date the year 2020 has brought many critical challenges and no easy answers. Our lives have changed. The future is uncertain and is likely to remain so. Our lives are disrupted and hope is more important than ever this Christmas.

Now, we begin the Christian Advent Season and light the first candle; the candle of Hope. Hope during Advent means looking forward to what lies ahead. We look beyond presents under the tree to the promise and joy of the birth of Jesus many years ago. Our hope rests upon our trust in a loving God who gave his son for us and upon our belief in life eternal. He is with us during this uncertainty as we hope for better times. We are all blessed by his love.

The beginning of Advent opens our lives to the many joyful experiences of the Christmas season. The carols, lights, lovely music and aromas all add to our anticipation. Be on your best behavior; Christmas is coming.

Despite the limitations that we all face during this pandemic, Christmas is coming. Our traditional family gatherings will be different. The economic uncertainty that many of our neighbors face will limit celebrations and add to food insecurity. This is truly a season for loving hearts and charitable giving. Give as you are able.

This Advent, we find Blessings in our beliefs as we anticipate Christmas. Have faith and look for small joys every day as we hope for better days ahead.

Friday, December 4

Written by Bob and Virginia Diseker