• Mount Tabor UMC

Enter in to the season of Advent with the intent to remember "The Real Meaning of Christmas"

Beginning on Sunday, November 29, we will celebrate the Advent Season together. We encourage you to participate in two ways:

First, use the weekly readings to light your own Advent Wreath.

In all of our Sunday worship services, and on Christmas Eve, whether online or in person, we will light the traditional Advent Wreath. In doing so, we will remember God’s Hope, Joy, Love and Peace through the coming birth of Jesus Christ. The corresponding readings that will be used in all services will be posted at the beginning of each week.

You are invited to light your own Advent Wreath, made available in your Advent To Go bag. If you are worshiping online, please have your wreath available during worship to follow along. If you are worshiping in person, consider bringing your book with you to follow along. Or make time before or after service to light your wreath at home.

However you choose to worship, set aside time each Sunday to follow the readings, light your candles, and contemplate what each candle represents.

Second, read and contemplate the daily devotions posted here, written by church members, each day of Advent.

The daily devotions follow the worship theme of each week of Advent:

  • Week One is focused on “What Christmas meant to the shepherds,” as well as the candle of Hope.

  • Week Two is focused on “What Christmas meant to the wise men,” as well as the candle of Joy.

  • Week Three is focused on “What Christmas meant to Mary,” as well as the candle of Love.

  • Week Four is focused on “What Christmas meant to Jesus,” as well as the candle of Peace.

Set aside time each day for the readings. Consider the questions posed, or meditate on the scripture referenced. Speak the prayers aloud to God. Spend time savoring the pictures drawn by adults and children. Above all, remember “The Real Meaning of Christmas,” and share your thanks and awe with God.

Though we are separated, we bind our hearts together this Advent to get back to the heart of the season. May these daily devotions bring us together, and closer to Christ, in new and unexpected ways this season. May we truly know and trust the Real Meaning of Christmas.