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The Spiritual Growth Committee invites you to experience a Summer in the Scriptures.
Wherever this summer takes you, stay connected with God by spending time each day in His word. 

In June, let's read through the book of Mark together. A suggested reading plan is found below (coming soon)If you'd like to deepen your study of Mark, the Spiritual Growth committee recommends the following resources:

  • Be Diligent: Serving Others as You Walk with the Master Servant, New Testament Commentary on Mark by Warren W. Wiersbe.

  • Basic Bible Commentary on Mark by Walter P. Weaver.

  • Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching on Mark by Lamar Williamson, Jr.

  • The Daily Bible Study Series: The Gospel of Mark by William Barclay. 

  • Life Application Bible Commentary: Mark by Bruce B. Barton, Mark Fackler, Linda Chaffee Taylor, David R. Veerman, and Neil Wilson

  • N.T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study Guide: Mark by N.T. Wright

  • Gospel of Mark: Exploring the Life of Jesus by Serendipity Group Bible Study


Keep an eye on social media, as each week a member of the Spiritual Growth committee will share a short video on each week's readings. 

Coming soon: Look for reading plans on Romans in the July Tabor Talk, and on Proverbs in the August Tabor Talk and on this webpage.

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