Building Committee Updates

These weekly updates can be found in the "In the Know Email" sent out by Libby Craven, office administrator. To receive these updates, please contact Libby in the front office. 


November 23, 2016

 MOUNT TABOR UMCMTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Wow. After our great Consecration Sunday, I hope we all realize how thankful we should be for this wonderful church and for new and updated spaces that help feed our hearts, souls and minds. We are truly blessed. Landmark is continuing work this week in the Fellowship Hall (final mechanical inspection; Building inspector), which will be followed by cleaning, punch list and final completion items. The new window shutter is scheduled to be installed today. Davidson AV will also soon be getting the audio and video systems up and running.In the Family Life Center, we have run into a slight set-back with the floor installation and are working with Landmark to fix the issues. This will unfortunately delay the painting of the lines for sports ministries, but is work we have to do for the long-term future of the church. We appreciate the patience of all the hoopsters and others that are looking forward to the FLC completion.Children were having a blast in their new playground on Consecration Sunday and both Pre-School and After-School Care kids joined in the fun on Monday.We are continuing to work on improving the lighting controls and avoiding AV issues in the Alspaugh Worship Center, and appreciate your patience and your comments. Things are getting better slowly but surely.Please continue to support our church through your prayers, your gifts, and as we heard again Sunday, your efforts to invite others to come and share our new spaces with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 10, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Hooray! We're are on the last "lap" of this race and the finish line is finally in sight. "Finish Strong" is still our prayer and rallying cry as we finish our final re-modeling, new construction and punch list completions. Thanks again to all for your continuing patience: both as we finish the project and with the growing pains I'm sure we'll have as we get acclimated to our new spaces.The acoustic panels are installed in the FH, and AV work should be complete in there next week. So once it's cleaned and "punched," we'll have pretty much all of our space back! Just (about) in time for Angel Tree ministries and the holidays. Our new sports floor is now in the Family Life Center, and Landmark is working hard to get all the lines painted for basketball and volleyball, so our sports ministries can take off. Most everything should be in great shape for our Consecration Sunday on Nov. 20. God is so great in how he's helped make everything come together.You'll also see our new playground up this weekend, though it's not quite ready for "occupancy". The fencing will be installed soon and then our little tykes can have a new space, too. Special thanks again to the Children's Ministries and the Cemetery Committee for their help in making this happen.So many have done and given so much--time, money and prayers--but we need for these to continue and even increase as we try to bring new followers into the fold and invite people to worship in our new and re-vitalized spaces. So thanks in advance for all your future help!WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to all of the individuals and families who have made a financial commitment to our church for 2017. However, even though Commitment Sunday has now passed, we still need the help of many others in order to reach our goals and fund the many programs and ministries of the church for the coming year. Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of the future of Mount Tabor! Commitment cards are available through the church office (336-765-5561) and on tables in the Trinity Welcome Center and in the Sanctuary narthex as you enter church this Sunday. Every gift is important and appreciated!

November 3, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Hey, Church! Your building team is continuing to check things off the list as we move towards project completion, and things are really looking good. Punch list items are being completed in the Trinity Welcome Center and Alspaugh Worship Center, and those spaces are looking impressive. Work is continuing in both those areas even as we use them, so special thanks to everyone that is still having to be flexible in achieving their mission and ministry works. Work started this week in the Family Life Center with the old carpet coming up and the new sports floor going down. The sports ministry at MTUMC will be shooting indoor hoops again before you know it!In the Fellowship Hall, the plan is for the wayward acoustic to make their way here next week. Hopefully we can then complete the FH work shortly thereafter. Also next week, our Children's Ministry hopes to see the new playground start taking shape with their new equipment. Our Children's Ministry and Cemetery Committee (fencing) have taken on the lion's share of the work to make that project come together, and the Building Team is very grateful for that support.Thanks to all for your continued patience with our parking lot issues and "missing spaces." Landmark wants to be sure that once the parking lot is repaired and repaved that they don't cause new damage to it with big trucks, so that will be the last work we do, after the new covered walkway is completed. Please continue your generous prayer and financial support of this transformation at our church. God is doing amazing work already through different aspects of this project, and expects more of us as we continue to Gather, Grow, and Go at MTUMC!WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to all of the individuals and families who have made a financial commitment to our church for 2017. However, even though CommitmentSunday has now passed, we still need the help of many others in order to reach our goals and fund the many programs and ministries of the church for the coming year. Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of the future of Mount Tabor! Commitment cards are available through the church office (336-765-5561) and on tables in the Trinity Welcome Center and in the Sanctuary narthex as you enter church this Sunday. Every gift is important and appreciated!

October 20, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Unlike last week, today's Building Update is a little quiet. Landmark has continued their completion work on the Alspaugh Worship Center (AWC) and Trinity Welcome Center (TWC), brushing on final paint coats, making small repairs, etc. in preparation for next week's "punch list" review. We know there will still be areas that need final work in the coming weeks, so please continue to "excuse our mess" as we gather and worship in our new spaces. Even though the work in them isn't 100 percent complete, they are remarkable new spaces. The Trinity Welcome Center may even be a little more awesome this weekend-something is scheduled to be installed, and if the schedule holds, it's going be beautiful! (In the marketing world, this is known as "teaser" copy-you'll have to come to see what I'm talking about).The Children's Clothing Exchange is working out well in the Family Life Center this week, which will then become a great fall festival space on Sunday, Oct. 30. Flooring work begins Monday Oct. 31 and should be done in mid-November. There is no update on the Fellowship Hall renovations--Landmark is still waiting on a final schedule from their acoustic panel subcontractor.Also, please note that the areas outside the admin office areas are getting a facelift. That work was unfortunately outside the scope of the building project, but our Trustees and some amazing volunteers were able to get some great pricing and some free volunteer work to make that area work well with the FH and TWC that adjoin it. David Baker and our Trustees have been great partners with the Building Committee during this project, so please thank them for their work when you see them!I know many prayers of thanksgiving went up last week as we were finally able to access the AWC and TWC! Please keep those prayers and gifts flowing.

September 29, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Pardon our dust (or this week, maybe our mud). Landmark is working with their sub-contractors to get our final site work done. That means grading and building the retaining wall for the new playground, paving a new road to the Columbarium and Cemetery, widening and re-paving the existing Cemetery road to meet minimum fire code requirements, and adding some much-needed parking. So things will be a little messier than usual on Sunday. Please keep an eye out for parking lot greeters who can help you find your way (and a parking spot).Work is continuing in all remaining areas of the church, and we are getting close to completion in some areas. We should be getting final inspections and approval to open up new and renovated spaces in October and November (the work is staggered, so spaces will be completed and open at different times). As we get closer to confirming definite dates, we'll let you know!In the meantime, please continue to honor Landmark's request not to enter the construction zones without a protective clothing and/or an escort. We've had no reported accidents in the last 15 months, and we want to finish this great work with that record intact. Please continue to keep this project and everyone that is contributing to it (staff, members, workers) in your prayers. We have created and are creating something amazing at MTUMC with God's guidance and His working through us, and we need to ask for more of the same.

September 22, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Finish Strong!? That Charles Billingsley song echoes in my head a lot these days. Not just because of where weve been and what weve done over the last 14 months, but because of what?s going to happen in the years ahead. Your prayers and this building project are impacting lives! The new Children?s Building has been open for a month now, and is drawing rave reviews. As we finish up the parking lot and playground work over the next month, things will only get better at that end of our church ?campus.? At the other end of campus, the new contemporary worship center is very close to completion, and work is ongoing in the surrounding corridors and the adjacent welcome center. We will need to complete construction, pass inspections and do a lot of cleaning before we can ?move in,? but it won?t be long. We are also (finally) making progress in the Youth Commons and Fellowship Hall after HVAC issues caused delays in both areas. Youth Commons should be usable by the beginning of October, though there will still be some Audio Video work needed in that space.In the Family Life Center, painting and new acoustic panels are in progress. And, the restrooms in the FLC lobby are being renovated. So this week, while they are closed, please remember there are restrooms available on both the basement level right below the FLC lobby and above the lobby (right outside the new prayer room and CWC balcony foyer). The FLC will be our last building to be completed-Landmark will stop their work in mid-October to provide that space for the Children?s Clothing Exchange-then will replace the flooring afterwards. And MTUMC life will finally be back to normal! (Basketball and Tabor Table are coming back, we promise!) Thanks to everyone in all of the ministries that have been impacted by our changes for their patience, and special thanks to Office Administrator Libby Craven, for all the extra work she?s put into scheduling and finding places for people to meet and serve.And the new covered walkway looks like it?s coming up fast, but the columns are the easy part. That work is expected to take quite a few more weeks. Please remember that not only does that new walkway provide esthetic appeal and utility (choir processions and brides to be will appreciate it), but it also honors the gifts of the families that sacrificed in past years to link our buildings together with a breezeway system. This is a great time for MTUMC to be grateful for all God has provided to us and done through us. Thanks be to God!I can still rememberWhat it felt like at the startWhen the passion for the missionWas a fire in my heartAnd the further that it takes meIt gets easier to seeThe best part of the journey nowIs still in front of me?   Lyrics from Finish Strong!

September 15, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: For all the horse racing fans in the congregation, we're in the home stretch of our building project now. The covered drop-off and walkway to the Children's Building will be complete and open for use this Sunday (you won't be able to walk through the Contemporary Worship Center/Welcome Center construction zone to the Family Life Center, but you can walk through to the plaza between the CB and the sanctuary). The playground grading and retaining wall work is scheduled to start next week and hopefully the new playground will be operational sometime in October.AV work is continuing in the CWC, along with final Landmark touches. The WC is also moving along nicely and people seem pretty impressed by what they can see over the safety fence on Sundays. Adjacent to the WC, the custom-made and city-mandated HVAC fire dampers have now arrived and been installed, so work can proceed in that space as well. And though it's tempting, please do not enter the construction zone without Building Committee or Landmark representatives with you, and with appropriate clothing and hard hats. These can be requested from Landmark as neededIn our Youth Commons, the HVAC control valve that was on order is expected to arrive today, and once the HVAC is operational, work should proceed in that space quickly. Our goal is to get the Scouts back in Youth Commons in early October. And a special thanks again to the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for working with us through this renovation.And in the courtyard, well, what's going on? That, brothers and sisters, is the new covered walkway that the Building Committee and architect agreed on. As you likely remember, one of the first steps in our construction project was to demolish the existing covered walkway between the adult education building and the sanctuary narthex, to allow Landmark access to the building site. As the new buildings emerged, there were strong opinions that we didn't want to block the view of the new WC, as it is meant to help bring people into the church. But we also wanted to honor previous gifts and wishes, and provide the choir and future brides access to the sanctuary narthex, even in bad weather. So our compromise, which was unanimously agreed upon by the Building Committee, was to re-construct the covered walkway in a slightly different space. Unlike most compromises, this option seems to please pretty much everyone. We hope you like it as much as we do! And yes, for those inquiring minds, there will still be a sidewalk between the adult education building and the narthex.More news to come in the next few weeks; we'll try to keep everyone as up to date as possible. Keep reading your In the Know. And please keep praying for a successful conclusion to our project!

September 8, 2016

Just a few finishing touches on the covered walkway and the actual construction process for the Children's Building will be 100% complete. The walkway ceiling should be complete by the end of this week, and the EFIS (stucco) and light fixture trim is scheduled for next week. Our current building access is working fine, but when the whole project is complete, it will be even simpler to access the building. Outside the building, we are waiting only on an "administrative review" for the retaining wall, so hopefully grading can start next week. Lest we think our team is not pushing, the chief city planner did tell Landmark that the city is receiving an average of 14 new sets of commercial construction plans for review every day now, so they are quite busy down at City Hall. The retaining wall contractor is scheduled to start (and complete) the wall the week of Sept. 26. With more good weather and lots of prayer support, we should have our playground sometime in October.In the Contemporary Worship Center (CWC), the new seating is installed and AV work continues. The work on the Cemetery fire road is slated to start (and finish) next week, and Landmark will begin the widening and re-paving aspects as soon as the site work is complete. Special thanks again to the Cemetery Committee for their work in getting this critical component done as quickly as possible.In the Welcome Center (WC), sheet rock and columns are going up, and the space is "catching-up" to the CWC, setting the stage for both to possibly open on the same Sunday. We'll have a better picture of how that will work in the coming weeks. The Fellowship Hall is also on a similar track, though there is a little more work to do in that space due to some of the renovation issues. Our last space under construction, the Youth Commons, will hopefully be ready to house our Scouts and Youth in a few short weeks.It's a little hard to see, but that is indeed a light is at the end of the tunnel. Due to weather and unexpected demolition issues in some of our older spaces, we've been working on this project longer than planned, and ministries and people have been stretched for many more months than originally hoped. Thanks to all of our staff, ministry volunteers and people affected by those ministries for their patience and for continuing to love and share what space we do have with one another. It's been pretty amazing. Church family, please keep all those people in your prayers, as we keep asking for God to help us finish strong in this work. And thanks to all of you for all your prayers, hard work, and kind words to one another. We are most definitely a blessed church!

September 1, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Wow! Opening our new Children's Building is a tough act to follow. Isn't that space amazing? If you missed the open house last week, try to check it out sometime soon. But with preschool, afterschool and Sunday School filling it up six out of seven days a week, please contact Marcey Davis to make an appointment to tour the building. It is a secure building in keeping with MTUMC's Safe Sanctuaries program. Even on Sundays, if you want to just walk through, please check in at the desk and someone will give you a tour. Work is continuing on the covered walkway (probably another 2 weeks, if Hermine behaves nicely this weekend), and the playground will follow shortly after. The retaining wall permit is still hung up at city planning, believe it or not. But it should all come together soon. What a wonderful opportunity to practice patience (at least that's what I keep telling myself).Our new Contemporary Worship Center is getting closer to completion. The flooring was installed by end of last week, and the new seating arrived today for installation over the next week. Audio/video will follow immediately after that. It's not going be quite as colorful as the CB, but beautiful nonetheless. With ongoing site work between MTUMC and the apartments behind us (tree and stump removal, widening and paving the Cemetery road to meet fire code), there are still hurdles to clear before we have a temporary certificate of occupancy in that worship space. However, before you know it, we'll be worshipping God in another amazing new building.With the Cemetery road changes, the new Welcome Center may catch up with the CWC, and hopefully we can open them together on the same Sunday. The WC is pretty well 'dried in" and final framing and sheet-rocking is happening now. In the Fellowship Hall, work is also moving along quite rapidly now, and Building Committee offers a special "Thank You" to the Pioneers In Christ Sunday School class-their classroom has been disrupted yet again by our building project, but they just keep on growing together in their faith no matter what our project does to their space. And I haven't heard a single complaint from that class!Youth Commons is also coming along and should soon be ready for Youth and Scouts. The Scout troops and pack are being great partners and working with us in sharing our space. The only space available for them this week (and for most of September) is the Family Life Center, but they are making the best of it. Thank you, Scouts!With all the excitement at the church, don't forget we still have to pay for all this great new space. Now is a wonderful time to make or increase your Building pledge, make a pledge payment, or give an extra gift. Just talk to Financial Administrator Cathy Culver in the church office and she will let you know what to do. But it's not about the costs. It's about us discerning and doing God's work, and please continue offering up your prayers for a successful completion of this project. In just a few weeks, MTUMC will have our first ever prayer room where all can take time with our Lord. But He can hear us now from wherever we are, so just pray. Thanks to all for the spiritual, financial and emotional support so far, and just keep it coming!EVERYONE, PLEASE HELP BY:1. Carpooling to church on Sundays and Wednesdays with family and/or friends.2. Parking in the lower lot unless you are handicapped, a senior adult in need of close parking or a first time visitor. Additional parking is available on the gravel lot in the community garden area if the lower lot is full. You can even arrive early, park at Leinbach Park and walk to church to help with parking.3. Volunteering to be a Parking Lot Greeter. Contact Coordinator of Guest & New Member Ministries Teresa Geiger (336-765-5561 ext. 1005).Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility during this season of changes.

August 25, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Are you ready for some excitement? So many of our MTUMC family have been waiting patiently for this day and it's almost here. Yes, our new Children's Building (CB) opens up this Sunday, Aug. 28! The church will have an open house Sunday morning from 9:50-10:50 a.m. for everyone to visit and see our newest space. It's gonna be bright (yes, sunglasses are allowed inside) and cheerful and, in all likelihood, noisy with kids of all ages this Sunday. Just this past Tuesday we received the TCO (temporary certificate of occupancy) for the building and the enclosed walkway. Landmark is still working on the covered walkway from the lower parking lot (early September finish date), so please plan to come into the CB through our new plaza (the area between the sanctuary and the CB), in through the enclosed walkway doors, then two quick left turns and you'll be in the CB lobby. Just FYI - our new nursey will also be open this Sunday in the Children's Building starting before the 9 a.m. Higher Ground worship service.There will also be an opportunity to consecrate our new building with prayer. If you'd like to take some quiet time to walk through the building and pray over the classrooms and the space, there will be a self-guided prayer walk on this Saturday (Aug. 27), 3-5 p.m. This is a more reverent time, and we ask you to walk through silently while praying.


Work is continuing in the Contemporary Worship Center, the Welcome Center and Fellowship Hall. In the CWC, flooring is down, and seating is scheduled for delivery and start-up installation at the end of next week. Audio/video to follow in September. In the WC, final exterior framing is in progress, and, depending on how Landmark erects the temporary path, you may see some big changes. The new door space from the WC to the FH is in place, and the old FLC lobby doors are gone! All that old lobby is becoming part of the new WC, and it's going to be another amazing space where Christians can Gather and Grow before they Go! And the framing in the FH is going up for the new wall (near the ramp from the offices). The HVAC work is mostly completed and solutions for the rest of the needed work have been planned.Our work in the Youth Commons is coming along, and, though it won't be ready for Boy Scouts on Monday, Aug. 29 (they can be in the Family Life Center for opening), it should be finished by mid-September.Additional site work (a new entrance to the cemetery, the new playground, and some much-needed additional parking) is in progress.


We received our revised site plan approval showing all this work last Friday and Landmark is scheduling the needed workers. So we'll still be dealing with some parking issues for a little while. Please do all you can to help - carpool with your family and, if you're capable of walking, take one of our "bottom 40" spaces and reserve the closest spaces for our senior members and guests. Just an FYI - the "upper" lot is technically reserved for guests and seniors, so please park in our other areas if you're a member in good health.Please keep all our staff and children especially in your prayers this week and next as school starts back. Director of Children's Ministries Marcey Davis and her amazing team of staff and volunteers have been working feverishly over the last two weeks to get everything ready for this weekend. So please thank them this weekend as well when you see them. MTUMC is blessed to have so many wonderful people that love their God and show their "Love in Action." So many people are "being a blessing" in so many ways. These themes that we often use at our church aren't just words. For so many at MTUMC they are a way of life. Praise God! And thanks to all of you for all that you are doing to grow God's kingdom here.Dave Skinner - for the Building Team

August 18, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: This summer is flying by, and your Building team is working hard to get our church back in shape for this fall. So much has been done, but there's still a lot to be completed. Here's a recap of all that's happening:

We don't have our Children's Building Temporary Certificate of Occupancy yet, but once we can allow people in, you're going to be astounded at what God has made possible. With the city's blessing, the Children's Ministry team and volunteers have been moving furniture and boxes into place, and Landmark has been working hard to finalize closets, storage, and shelving and replace some fire area rescue equipment. More classroom work will be going on next week, and Landmark is planning to do a final cleaning and then move out of our teachers' way. Stay tuned for next week's update to hear more (and more exciting!) news. Outside the CB, the enclosed sidewalk is nearing completion, the interior drywall is done and painted, the exterior trim is scheduled to be completed this week, and exterior painting is slated for next week. Landmark will also be completing the "plaza" landscaping next week. The covered sidewalk to the covered drop-off is in the final stages and coming along well.

In the Contemporary Worship Center, wood trim work started Monday, and the balcony flooring is scheduled to start this week, with main floor installation to immediately follow. The ceiling tiles are in, there's a little painting left to do, and seating is expected to arrive and be installed in the next two weeks! Audio/video work will follow that, and we'll still need to clear some fire marshal hurdles before we can worship in the new building, but we're on a great path, and it's going to be a beautiful worship space.

 In the Welcome Center, work seems to be inching along, however it is progressing. Landmark will be demo'ing the parts of the Family Life Center lobby that need to come out next week (NOTE - no impact on FLC access/egress for this weekend) and then work on framing in the rest of the Welcome Center. Following that will be drying-in that space with storefront doors and windows and getting the sheet rock up.

 In the Fellowship Hall and Youth Commons, Landmark is working through some unexpected HVAC issues, but those should be resolved shortly, allowing renovation to re-start. Our new Prayer Room is coming along nicely, and may even be ready before our new Worship Center.


Your prayers and gifts are making all this possible, so please keep offering up both! None of this would be possible without ALL of us, or without God's blessings. Thanks to Him and to everyone for all you're doing in His Name.

August 11, 2016

First off, thanks to everyone for their continued prayers for this project! Despite little bumps and snags, our project overall is looking good across the campus. In the Children's Building, we're waiting on some specialized emergency equipment, but we've gotten approval from the city to begin moving some things into the building. With gutters going up this week, and work continuing in the plaza, the building and immediate site is in really good shape, though Landmark has a loooong list of little things to take care of. However, we still need to continue making progress on the enclosed and covered walkways so we can more easily get in and out of the building. And, unfortunately, we are still waiting on city approval of the revised site plan that includes the playground near the CB and some badly needed additional parking spaces.

Our new Contemporary Worship Center now has air conditioning! So it will be swarming with workers installing ceiling grids, flooring, trim materials and our kneeling rail. It's really starting to come together! In our Welcome Center, Landmark is working on getting the building dried in, though they will first complete the demolition work that will tie our existing Family Life Center lobby into the Welcome Center. Just this week they completed work on filling the big hole in the FLC lobby floor (where the old landing to the 50's building was) and should be shoring up the remaining walls and demo'ing the rest in the next couple of weeks.

HVAC work in the Fellowship Hall and Youth Commons is progressing now that the CWC HVAC is operational, and those areas will soon be coming along, though both remain off-limits to the church for now. So we will continue to access the FLC through the covered sidewalk and WC safety zone on Sundays, and by going up or down the stairs to traverse the space and access the FLC during the week.

This Sunday, people will notice something else new - if you take the elevator from the FLC (or basement) to the 2nd floor, you'll see a new room taking up most of the open space of the old "upper room." That's our new Prayer Room! That special place in the church where people can go to commune and converse with our God. Thanks to Him for allowing us to discern that need and identify that space for this purpose. It's going to be a fantastic addition to MTUMC.

That's it for this week! Despite outward appearances, please continue to stay away from all the construction zones (it won't be much longer), and please keep offering up your prayers and your gifts. So many have already contributed so much in time, efforts, energy, and love - but we can use all of those gifts from anyone so moved. So please keep it up! And again, thanks to all!

August 4th 

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Church, I need to ask your help in two things. First and foremost, please keep the Mendoza family in your prayers for strength, love and forgiveness. Many of you saw the news earlier this week about Jose, the 15-year old who was shot and killed ay two younger boys. His father, also named Jose, is one of the foremen for Landmark's painting subcontractor, and he and his team did most of the painting in our new Children's Building. Jose and team aren't currently on site, but please do pray for them and their family and friends.

Of lesser importance, but still critical to the church: We must ask everyone to stay out of the construction areas at all times! Unless you are with Landmark Builders, Fuller Architecture or the chairs and co-chairs of Building and Trustees, those areas are off-limits. Landmark is trying very hard to meet our time-critical dates, and they cannot possibly close off and open up every access and egress point of the project daily. But don't be tempted by available access. Unless you are with one of the people above, it's very likely that you don't know what work is transpiring and what possible dangers you may risk or harmful acts you could do. For example, yesterday afternoon around 5:00, someone from the church (either a church member or visitor) apparently decided he wanted to see the Children's Building, which was still unlocked due to workers being in there. He walked on the newly poured sidewalk, which had set up and cured enough to support him, but not enough to not show footprints. He then went into the Children's Building, where the plastic that has been covering the floors for protection is now removed, as Landmark is cleaning the building this week. Though apparently no real damage was done to the floors with the concrete tracked in, the footprints in the sidewalk are there to stay L. They could not be repaired, and the church has neither the time nor the available funds to remove and replace the sidewalks (again - which were just poured yesterday!). With much work going on with cleaning, painting, electrical and AV work, concrete and handrails and guardrails, it can be very easy to ruin something just by not knowing about the recency of work.

Landmark is working on the assumption that unauthorized people will not be in the construction zone, and we need to honor our commitment to stay out of those areas. If any ministry areas need access to part of the site for upcoming work related to that ministry, please let Dave Skinner know, and he will arrange a safe date and time for you to be escorted to that space (Dave's contact #: 336-279-0173).

Now, on to the update! At the Children's Building, the parking lot asphalt has been poured and we should be able to park on it this Sunday (though it may not be striped for parking spots). The parking lot sidewalks should also be cured by then and safe to walk on if needed (not for exploring - see above). Landmark will try to mark caution areas with tape and cones - please stay away from these areas! The covered and enclosed walkways are coming along very well. In the building, final cleaning is taking place this week and final inspections (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire and building) are in process. We are looking good to move furniture into the building at the end of next week, and hope to allow pre- and after-school care teachers in the week after that. If everyone follows the rules, we should be ready to open in time for the school year! Hip-hip-hooray and thanks so much for all the prayers for this building and the great ministries it will house.

Our Contemporary Worship Center is also progressing well, with near-final base coat painting and the HVAC system soon to come on line, which will allow installation of humidity-sensitive finishes (wood moldings and trim, ceiling tiles). Flooring is expected later this month, with seating installation following that in late August or early September. The adjoining Welcome Center is a little further behind, due to some delays in making the building weathertight (especially difficult until the big window is installed). But Landmark is trying to "catch up" in this space and complete it in September as well.

Our Fellowship Hall and Youth Commons are also slated for September completions, with Youth Commons possibly available in late August or early September. The subcontractors are all working on multiple phases of the project, and shifting tasks based on a critical path timeline, which is helping us complete the project sooner overall, but does slow down some aspects of it.

Please continue prayers for us to build what God wants us to build, and to continue your prayers and giving for all aspects of the project. And please spread the word and help us discourage everyone from "checking things out" early. Our new facilities will be here for generations to come, and your patience and obedience to the rules will help us greatly in making our church as much of an honor to God as possible.

Dave Skinner, for the Building Team

July 14

MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: In our Children's Building (CB) interior work is nearing completion - the HVAC system is 2/3 operational (there are some units that still need inspection) and ceiling grids will be installed soon after all the HVAC is on line. Final paint and flooring is also in process. We expect to be able to get a stocking permit and begin moving things in to the building near the end of the 2nd week in August. Exterior grading work continues and that will lead to some changes in the northwest parking lot, as we move the cemetery road, construct the new playground near the CB and add parking at the far end of the lot to make up for what we give up at the playground. The covered and enclosed walkway connecting the Welcome Center (WC) and Contemporary Worship Center (CWC) to the CB was slowed by weather and some mechanical engineering issues, but is making progress again. That work will have to be finished before we can get our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) for the CB, so it is a priority.
oooo The CWC is coming along nicely, with sheet rock up and painting going on. Exterior brick work is going well in the back, and the completion of that will help Landmark get the HVAC system in. Field measurements for the CWC seating manufacturing are slated for next week.


The WC as you can see, is moving along - and will also be in the sheet rock stages in the coming weeks. You can also see that our Family Life Center (FLC) lobby is part of the WC work, and once the WC walls and "store front" windows are installed and the building is more dried in, Landmark will begin demolishing the FLC lobby wall and front doors.
oooo The Youth Commons downstairs in under renovation, and will be "out of service" for a few weeks, but the changes there aren't too extreme, so we should be back in August.


 In the Fellowship Hall (FH), the HVAC units will be removed Friday, July 15, and asbestos abatement and demolition will begin on Monday, July 18. When that happens, the FH will be off limits 24/7 until that work is complete. Logistically, that means that Landmark will be creating a path through the WC work zone on the weekends so people can access the FLC for worship. During the week, that pathway will disappear as work is ongoing and the church won't have that access. So, if people need to access the FLC for worship prep and practice, they will have to use one of the two doors that feed into the FLC without going through the lobby - or access the lobby from the ground floor or top floor and take the stairs or elevator down.


 Continued requests for your prayers, patience and gifts - this massive project has been blessed by all three of these, and your Building Committee would ask for more of the same as we begin entering the home stretch of work. Thanks for everything you've given to date!

June 30th

It’s amazing how much things can change in a year. As you may remember, last June our building project started with the demolition of our children’s buildings, and our church has been on a whirlwind ever since. I think everyone in the church has been affected by this project in some way, shape or form, and your Building Committee thanks you for all the love and patience you’ve shown over the past year. Just a little while longer …And you will definitely continue to see changes. The construction fence came down from around the Children’s Building (CB) this week and grading is ongoing to get the area ready for the last stages of site work. The covered walkway work hit a little bit of a design snag and construction of the trusses and roof sheathing was held up a bit, but that is resolved and work should progress there quickly. Final work continues in the Children’s Building itself with paint and ceilings.  Our new Welcome Center is almost completely under roof, but still needs some clearstory windows, sheathing on the peaked roof and a front wall to be completely dried in. But it is far enough along that Landmark plans to start the demolition work in the Family Life Center (FLC) foyer next Tuesday (July 5). They will be taking out the floor and the ceiling grids, and removing the landing that used to tie in to the old 50’s Children’s building. Due to the holiday, that landing may not be removed until the week of the July 11. 

But never fear! Landmark will create a safe path for us through the foyer so we can still access the FLC for worship on Sunday mornings. For the next couple of weeks, everyone can still enter the FLC as we have for the last few months–-through the Fellowship Hall and into the FLC lobby--there just won’t be as much lobby after July 5 as there is now. There will still be access to the elevators and the restrooms on Sunday--but that lobby will be an “off limits” construction zone during the week days.The Contemporary Worship Center work continues. Sheet rock is essentially complete, and painting is planned to begin next week.As you unfortunately can’t help but notice, we have also had to change our campus appearance a little--some temporary issues and some more permanent ones. The Landmark construction trailer has moved again and is now (and for the duration of the project) parked in our “front yard.” This was the only space available that gave the sub-contractors easy access to Landmark’s on-site superintendent. On the “upper” end of our property, we were required to add a device called a back flow preventer (BFP) for the 6” water line that feeds the new code-mandated fire hydrant. The BFP will soon be covered by a box, but that will be a permanent fixture. In the lower lot, a large sewer line for the CB was needed, and we lost a couple of our hollies in order to install that. Please do be careful driving or walking through the parking lot as there are gravel-filled cuts in the pavement for the new water and sewer lines.       

As always, we appreciate your continued prayers, patience and gifts. And keep an eye on your upcoming “In the Know” notices as there will be a lot more changes coming up this summer!

June 9: 

 Our building project is moving full speed ahead! We’ve got lots of subcontractors on site, and lots of things happening. In the Children’s Building, the air conditioning condensers have been placed and are being tied into the overall HVAC system. They should be operational in the next week or so. Flooring is being installed this week, and the bathroom vanities and plumbing fixtures are scheduled for next week. Doors, hardware and toilet partitions will follow that, and should be done by the end of the month. The masons are continuing to work on the enclosed walkway and are making really good progress – prayers are being answered! Thank you and please continue to keep this project on your prayer list.

In the Contemporary Worship space, electrical rough-ins are ongoing, and the wall bulkhead and framing work is nearly complete, with drywall soon to follow. Ceiling grid installation is slated to start late June, along with the installation of the rear units of the HVAC system and continuing work on the brick veneer (once more critical steps are completed). In the Welcome Center, the masonry work on the front wall is scheduled to be completed this week, and the wood framing for the walls starts Monday. Roof plates and trusses are planned to start Friday morning, and Landmark hopes to get the WC under by early July. 

Thanks again for your continued prayers, patience and financial gifts. God is using all of us to make this project come together!


June 2: As you can all observe, work continues on our new Welcome Center and, though more slowly, on our covered and enclosed walkway as the masons have been focused on the WC. The front wall of the Welcome Center is going up as you read this, and the foundation for the ramp from the WC floor level to the sanctuary is in place. HVAC units for the Children's Building are slated to come in later this week.

Work continues in the new Contemporary Worship Center, though you can't see that, but there are men and equipment there daily working on the framing, mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-ins and installing drywall.
Thanks to all of you every week for your continued prayers and patience.

May 26: MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Weather conditions have improved, and bricks and concrete are flying! Work is moving forward on the front wall of the welcome center, the enclosed and covered walkway and the Children's Building mechanical yards. Once the concrete in those mechanical yards is poured and had set, Landmark will begin installing the CB HVAC units. With good weather, that should be done by mid-June, then the interior finishes work can be completed (ceiling grids, doors, partitions, flooring). Things are really moving ahead in the CB, and it's going to be a fantastic addition to our church facilities.
In the Contemporary Worship Center, workers have been swarming the interior to install framing, ductwork and even sheetrock to that building. It's starting to look like an amazing worship area. And the Welcome Center teams are trying hard to get our new gathering space "dried in" - walls all around and a roof installed. There is probably another 2-3 weeks of work needed before that building is out of the weather. The projects on our building project's critical path (the Welcome Center and the covered/enclosed walkway) remain key areas to keep in your prayers. We need those items finished to allow all our other work to be started and completed.
Please continue to support this revitalization of our church's physical plant with your prayers and your financial gifts. We are helping Mount Tabor UMC to better serve and glorify God, and we need everyone's spiritual and material blessings for this God-sized project to be successful. Thank you all for everything that everyone had done so far - God is doing an amazing think through each of you!

May 19: Our building updates continue to be more weather updates than building news. Last night's local news noted that this month is the second wettest May ever in Winston-Salem, and all of our building project critical path items are being pushed back by the rain (the Welcome Center front wall and roofing, the mechanical yard for the Children's Building and the enclosed/covered walkway). Landmark and the subs are making progress when they can, but it is slow going, and much of our remaining work can't start until those items are completed. On the plus side, work is continuing inside the Contemporary Worship Center, as overhead mechanical and electrical work is ongoing, and, in one of our infrequent dry spells, Landmark was able to pour part of the Welcome center slab floor last Friday (many of you saw this last Sunday). With prayers and patience, we will get our project completed-and thanks to all our church members for so much of both of those gifts!

May 12, 2016: Slowly but surely our new church campus is taking shape - though much of the work isn't visible from outside the construction fences. You can see our new fire hydrant (city code) near the upper parking lot, and you'll soon be able to see the front wall of the Welcome Center going up (sometime next week, weather permitting). And work is continuing on both the Children's Building mechanical yard and covered/enclosed walkway. But everything else is happening indoors.
In the Children's Building, HVAC diffusers and ventilation grillwork are being installed in prep for the mechanical work and HVAC completion. In the new Contemporary Worship Center, work is beginning on overhead ductwork and electrical needs, along with some framing work. The construction teams are working hard to best use the space in the old courtyard - lots of trucks and equipment and materials moving through a small space, as the teams have to continue to build from the back of the CWC out into WC and courtyard. So please keep this work and the workers in your prayers as they work through the logistics to bring everything together.
Please also keep the church, all our ministries and the building team in your prayers.


May 5, 2016 IN THE KNOW from MOUNT TABOR UMC MTUMC BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: Rain, rain, go away! I know we needed some rain for our local flora and fauna, but our contractors would be happy with a few more dry days! Most of the “critical path” work that needs to be competed is still outdoor work--the Children’s Building mechanical yard, the enclosed/covered walkway and the Welcome Center--and we’re obviously not making much progress with all this week’s rain. Prayers for sunny days may sound like a child’s prayer, but we are happy with as many of those prayers as we can get. Despite the weather, since the Contemporary Worship Center is under roof and pretty well weather-proofed, Landmark was able to get the concrete slab floor poured this week. Overhead work with HVAC ducts and electrical/lighting prep should be going on this week as well. Much of the interior Children’s Building work is done other than final stages (flooring, ceiling tiles, final paint) is done, and the exterior brick and stucco look really nice. Our church is going to be beautiful when we finally finish all our building and renovation! And we still need your help! Your prayers are critical--prayers for the Building Team to discern what God wants us to do in our final stages, for the builders to safely build according to plans, and yes, even for “workable” weather. And we also need your financial support. We began drawing on our construction loan in February (praises to God that the gifts already given covered our expenses until then), and we need everyone to remember their Building Fund pledges and help us achieve our commitment targets. In Him,Dave Skinner for the Building Team


March 24th, 2016

MTUMC BUILDING COMMITTEE UPDATE: March Madness means much momentum on our building project. The Children's Building work continues as Landmark completes the exterior portions of the building and brick laying. After this, they can construct the enclosed covered walkway that will connect our "campus" from the parking lot to the new Welcome Center.
The ceiling grid is being installed, sheet rock and duct work are completed. Second coat of paint and insulation are coming soon.
The Contemporary Worship Center roof is being installed, the grey/black fabric that you might see flapping in the breeze is the roof membrane. Fine grading of the slab will start next week. Plumbing and electric rough in continues under the slab. The wall for the stage is being laid. In the Welcome Center, footings have been dug.
Look for more information in next week's In the Know on how you can be a part of the building project and be thinking of your favorite scripture verse.

March 11th, 2016

Spring is in the air, and so is the Contemporary Worship Center (CWC) roof and lots of bricks! With this great weather, Landmark is making really good progress on our New Spaces for New Faces! Work in the Children's Building continues, as primer is on the sheetrock, HVAC ductwork is being installed and ceiling tiles are coming.
The CWC has a roof, the concrete block walls are weatherproofed, and brick veneer is going up. Inside the CWC, work is ongoing to pour footings and complete other prep work for the balcony.
Work on the Welcome Center will have to wait until more of the CWC is completed, as the courtyard is the only access point for CWC work. But it's coming.
And this is a repeat, but we want to be sure everyone knows, so please read this carefully?
The Building Committee would like to make a request to all church members. We are grateful that so many members and visitors are excited with the new construction and renovation efforts. And while we appreciate ideas for improvements, Mount Tabor UMC is a very large church, conducting a massive project, so we do need a process to make sure your ideas are heard. If you have a request for a possible change to our church-approved plan, please


1) identify specifically what you are asking for,
2) explain why you think it is needed/an improvement over the current plan,
3) how and when it will be used, and
4) what are alternative ways to accomplish that need.
5) Please e-mail your change request ideas to

David will take the suggestions to the full Building Committee for discussion. Viable ideas will then be sent to the appropriate contractor or sub-committee for costing information, then brought back to building committee for a vote. Please note that there are many things that affect our decisions - building codes, costs, infrastructure changes, timing delays, to name a few - but we do want and need to hear about changes you are passionate about.


February 25th, 2016


 Progress continues on the new Contemporary Worship Center. With the weather forecast pretty favorable through Saturday (though we could do without those freezing temps first thing in the morning), Landmark plans to finish the load-bearing walls and begin erecting the steel roof system next week. So keep your eye out for a big crane in the courtyard. That's a huge step for us in that phase of the project!
There will be a fair amount of work needed on the interior of the CWC (constructing the balcony, for example) that will take a few weeks - so the foundation work for the new Welcome Center is still weeks away. A warm and dry March would really be nice.
In the Children's Building, exterior trim paint colors have been selected (they match our existing color scheme for the admin/education building) and we should have a new exterior look there in the coming weeks. In the meantime, work continues inside the building, with the first floor walls sheet rocked in and the 2nd floor sheet rock nearing completion.
As always, thanks for your continued prayer and financial support. Without such a strong, faith-based church, a project like this would be impossible - but God is making it happen through all of us. Thanks be to God.



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