Serve around the world

Disaster Relief

MTUMC sends mission teams to help rebuild areas devastated by natural disasters.  Disaster relief teams were sent to Mississippi to help with rebuilding projects
after Hurricane Katrina, and more recently to Swanquarter and New Bern, NC to help with hurricane cleanup there.  Disaster relief trips typically last about one week.


For more information on helping out with Disaster Relief contact:

Bob Reddick    

(336) 924-1826

Hinton Rural Life Center

MTUMC sponsors a team of families and people of all ages to participate in a work-site ministry in the Appalachian Mountains.


For more information on helping with Hinton Rural Life Center contact:
Bob Reddick

(336) 924-1826

Africa Outreach

MTUMC supports Jacques Akasa Umembudi, a missionary serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Global Board of Discipleship.  Jacques and his wife, Poto Valentine Shutsha, operate the Wings of Caring Aviation Ministry (Advance #08595A) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.  


They transport pastors, church leaders, medical personnel, the sick, and much needed supplies, all in an effort to save lives and spread the gospel.

MTUMC has also provided support for the Lorena Kelly Girl’s School and the Diengenga Trade School (Advance #3021397), both in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more information on these projects and others, go to the website and search for the particular project.

Western North Carolina Conference UMVIM Building Teams


United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) is a program of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.  UMVIM coordinates and oversees a variety of mission efforts throughout the world, including those designed to support and develop new churches and faith communities by sending individual volunteers as preachers, teachers, and administrators.  UMVIM also sends teams of volunteers to help with church building projects, to address the conditions of poverty, and to prevent and treat disease. 


For a description of the full breadth of UMVIM activities, visit their website (


The Western North Carolina Conference of the UMC is among the most active in Methodism in providing mission building teams through UMVIM.  Each year, more than 500 people, organized into several dozen teams, are sent to sites throughout the world.  These building teams provide short-term mission experiences for persons who wish to donate their time and services, enabling them to have authentic mission experiences beyond their local communities.  Trips typically last from 10 to 14 days, and while some construction experience is helpful, it is not required.  Building team members inevitably report that service on a building team is a formative experiences, providing lessons, friendships and memories that last a lifetime.


For more information or to volunteer contact:

Wayne Overcash    

(704) 773-1947 or (704) 932-3458