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Youth Ministry

Mount Tabor Youth aka “Fusion” is designed to be a joining together of students of various ages and background to come together and be disciples of Christ.

Our Mission

“To preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” -St. Francis Assisi


Our Strategy

Through community and relational ministry that searches for the inner Christ that dwells
amongst all. We see time and time again through the gospels of Jesus sending his disciples out in pairs knowing that an essential piece in growing is through community.

Radical Inclusion where the only thing excluded is exclusion itself. To follow Jesus’s example, we strive to love people the way he did rather than just tell people what Jesus means. We are reminded from the first chapter of Genesis that mankind is created in his image, and for that believe all are welcome in God’s house.

Open Discussion, and the realization that we are all called to ministry, we all have gifts to share, that the spirt is calling each of us to say something particular and peculiar, so together we speak up and engage in open dialogue through our time together.

Intentional Small and Large group times, we realize that building community is a cornerstone to building our faith and providing a rock-solid foundation. We take the time to come together as large group through meals, games, celebrations, and prayer to provide a space for the FUSION of all our group bonding through the power of community and a reminder that we are never alone. We take the time to break out into small groups to dive into scripture, discuss our faith and life, and to continue building family.

To serve, we believe that our relationship with Christ and community is beyond the walls of Mount Tabor UMC, and that as disciples it is important to share our gifts, presence, and love with all. We acknowledge God’s call to pick up our cross and serve our neighbors and strive to live it out.

Upcoming Youth Events

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