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Adult Ministry

It’s our mission at Mount Tabor UMC to Grow Spiritually, and we believe each of us is called to be actively growing our faith. We believe education, formation, and transformation happens over a lifetime, and is built through a personal relationship with Christ and through participation in the body of Christ. 

We participate in Growing Spiritually in communities called Growth Groups, which can be in the form of Sunday School classes, Small Groups, and Support Groups. Our Committee on Spiritual Growth also offers opportunities throughout the year for individuals and groups to grow through seasonal studies, church-wide studies, and spiritual practices and disciplines. 

We pray that our Spiritual Growth efforts are engaging, equipping and empowering each member of our community to experience spiritual formation and transformation by deepening relationships with Jesus Christ.

Learn more about opportunities for spiritual growth by exploring the tabs above and the information below.

To connect with our Growth Groups, or other activities on Spiritual Growth, contact Gray Handwerk, Coordinator of Spiritual Growth and Community Engagement, at

Tabor Troopers

These active seniors come together on the third Monday of every month for a great time of fellowship, lunch, and programs ranging from entertaining to informative.  It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s a low cost way to fellowship with your church family. Troupers begin gathering at 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall unless there is a special program.  The ministry supplies the meal for the low cost of $5.  If you would like your name added to the permanent reservation list please contact the church office. There is always something interesting happening at Tabor Trouper gatherings!

Growing Spiritually

Let's talk Spiritual Growth! Join the conversation as Gray Handwerk shares real talk about why we should be growing in Christ, how we go about it, and how our spiritual growth impacts the kingdom.

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