Adult Ministries

Christian Education and Spiritual Formation is an important aspect of our mission here at Mount Tabor to Grow Spiritually.  It is our belief that education, formation, and transformation happens over a lifetime. It is a continuing process that is fostered and strengthened by being in Christian community with each other. There are many opportunities for involvement in short term studies, long term studies, small groups, support groups, and ongoing Sunday school classes.  It is our prayer that you take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your horizons, become immersed in a Bible study, or take a short term small group class.
We offer a variety of studies at different times as varied as Divorce Care and GriefShare, to church wide studies, to ongoing small groups, to seasonal studies during Lent and Advent, and many others.  Our Sunday school classes offer a variety of different age ranges and different topics as well.  Many classes rotate teachers, some may focus on contemporary issues and how the Bible relates to our every day life.  Others are more strictly Bible study, using the “Adult Bible Studies” series.

Whatever the focus of any particular group or class, our objective is that you learn and grow so that you may experience spiritual formation and transformation by deepening your relationship with Jesus Christ.



Mount Tabor offers over 10 Sunday morning options for Adults

Other Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Opportunities available other than Sunday mornings

Other Adult


Other opportunities for Adults to get involved in the life of the church