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The Angel Tree Ministry is a Mount Tabor United Methodist Church tradition.  For decades the generous congregation has provided gifts for children at various childcare and after school programs in the community in need of assistance at this time of year.  If you are interested in buying gifts for these “angels” or volunteering with the committee that make this happen for over 300 children from toddler to teen, read further for more details

Want to volunteer with this committee this Christmas season?  
Can’t get to church to choose an angel?

Look here for angels on our virtual tree/list

New to angel tree and trying to figure out how it works?  

Angel Tree Lights Up the Welcome Center
Sunday November 13th

Contact for More Information

CALL Becky Pfaff (336) 768-5156

TEXT Michelle Petrich (336) 692-3180

TEXT Laura Hill (336) 341-9068

Instructions for Angel Tree

Instructions for Angel Tree shopping and gifting

While you are not required to get everything on the list, we ask that you give what you can for your angel child. Items between ** are greatly needed, i.e. *clothing*


A few housekeeping notes regarding gifts:

  • If you purchase a bicycle, please also purchase a helmet.

  • No food or candy.

  • No “to/from” tags (the parents will give these gifts to the children like they are coming from Santa).

  • Gift receipts are great and can be taped to box or lid.

  • Don’t forget to wrap all gifts individually, then secure in sturdy, large gift bag. The gifts get moved several times and we want to keep them all together.

  • Using clear tape, attach the paper angel from the tree securely to the outside of the gift bag. If you chose an angel from Sign-Up Genius, put the child’s name, code #, and agency code on a 3x5 index card and securely attach to outside of gift bag with clear tape. Example: Suzy G #24 LRS.

Gifts should be returned to church during the following times:

  • Sunday mornings (between 8:45 a.m. and noon) beginning Sunday,November 20th or

  • Wednesday evenings during Tabor Table (between 5 and 6 p.m.) on 11/16 and 12/7

  • Weekday working hours to the administrative office.


The final day for returns is Sunday December 11th .


Questions: Call Becky Pfaff 336-768-5156 or text Laura Hill 336-341-9068 or Michelle Petrich 336-692-2180


Thanks for your support! Let Angel Tree get you in the Christmas spirit as you pray for these children while shopping early this year!

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